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This is just an engine port; though the apk does contain the shareware version of Quake2, not the full game. If you wish to play the full game you must purchase it yourself, steam is most straightforward: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2320/QUAKE_II/


Oculus Quest - Quake 2

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Welcome to the first (and only I believe) full 6DoF implementation of the Quake 2 Engine in VR.
This is built solely for the Oculus Quest VR HMD and will not run on any other device.
The easiest way to install this on your Quest is using SideQuest, a Desktop app designed to simplify sideloading apps and games ( even beat saber songs on quest ) on Standalone Android Headsets like Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. It supports drag and drop for installing APK files!

This version of Quake2Quest is now updated and based on the excellent Yamagi Quake 2 Engine (https://www.yamagi.org/quake2/). The original project this port is very loosely based on the Quake 2 port created by Stefan Welker for the Open Dive VR headset (https://www.durovis.com/en/opendive.html), however that build has been deprecated.

WARNING: There is a good chance that unless you have your VR-legs this will probably make you feel a bit sick. The moment you start to feel under the weather YOU MUST STOP PLAYING for a good period of time before you try again. I will not be held responsible for anyone making themselves ill.

Installing Quake2Quest

The 2nd release of Quake2Quest updates the underlying engine to Yamagi. This has a number of benefits including, but not limited to, modding, music support and a reworked save system. However as previously mentioned save files will not be compatible between these two versions. Moving forward any updates to the application will not break save files. To avoid conflicts and to also allow you to revert to the original version should you feel it necessary, there is a new file structure. If you have copied across the full game this will need to be redone. Complete list of installation instructions below:

  • Install the latest Quake2Quest version from the desktop SideQuest application or by downloading and installing the APK file.
  • Run the Game Once
  • If you own a legal copy of Quake 2, you should copy all .pak files and the video directory from baseq2 to the newly created Quake2Quest folder on your Quest.
  • (Optional) If you wish to enjoy the Quake 2 soundtrack you can place the relevant OGG files in the folder Quake2Quest/music.
    (One option sndtrk_q2_ogg.zip is available here: - please note that the soundtrack is the intellectual property of the owner. You should only obtain this if you own a legitimate copy of the game)


Are the expansion packs working?
These have not been fully tested. It is possible to start them and play however we suspect that there may be game-breaking bugs.

Can I mod this?
Any pak based Yamagi Compatible Mods and Texture packs do now work

Can I thump my head along to the Original Soundtrack?
The Original Soundtrack in OGG format does now work too! See the installation instructions for how to copy across

Can I play Multiplayer with my fellow Quakers?
Multiplayer is unlikely to work very well, if at all I'm afraid. I explain reasons why can be seen here (they apply to this as well as Lambda1VR)

Didn't the folder on the Quest used to be baseq2?
The folder into which the pak files from the full game and other things like mods and the OST shoud be copied is now called Quake2Quest, this is to avoid collision with the older configuration files for the previous version, it also means if you did prefer the vanilla version, you can roll back and all your saves will be intact.

I played on the old pre-Yamagi build, will my save games work on the latest version?

Two Handed Weapons: You can control two-handed weapons using both hands (similar to Onward / Pavlov / etc). Put you non-dominant hand forward to where the front hold of the gun is and hold the grip button on that controller.

Left-handed people: Add the following cvar to your config.cfg file: vr_control_scheme "10".

Below is the primary/default button mapping.

Dominant Hand Controller

Orientation: Weapon Orientation
Trigger: Fire Primary / Secondary
Grip (Hold): Show inventory screen (use up and down on the right stick to select inventory item and fire to select)
Click Thumbstick: toggle the laser-sight mode on/off
Thumbstick (Left / Right): Turn
Thumbstick (Up / Down): Change weapon
A / X (depending on dominant hand controller): Crouch
B / Y (depending on dominant hand controller): Jump

Off-hand Controller

Thumbstick: Move/Strafe
Menu Button: Menu
A / X (depending on dominant hand controller): Toggle Mission Objectives Screen
B / Y (depending on dominant hand controller): Toggle screen mode for cut-scenes (Show multi-player score table in multi-player games)
Orientation / Position: Controls movement direction (in default settings)
Trigger (hold): Sprint
Grip (hold): Weapon Stabilise (hold to remain active) *
Click Thumbstick: If cheats are enabled then this will give you ALL pickups/weapons

* Weapon stabilisation has a deadzone and will only be active when the two controllers are more than 15cm from each other to prevent screwing up aiming with one-handed weapons like the Glock

You should put these in the config.cfg file that is located in the Quake2Quest folder on the Oculus Quest

You can set a cvar in the config.cfg in the following manner:
set vr_snapturn_angle "5"

  • cheats - If set to 1 then you can click the off-hand thumbstick button to activate "give all", giving you all weapons, pickups etc
  • vr_snapturn_angle - Sets the angle of the snap turn, set to a value < 10 for smooth turning
  • vr_walkdirection - Set to 1 for HMD oriented movement direction
  • vr_control_scheme - Sets the control scheme (default: 0 = right handed, 1 = left handed)
  • vr_height_adjust - Allows you to set a height adjustment (for seated play) value in metres

  • Any save games from the previous version will NOT work, this is due to the engine change.
  • As mentioned, multiplayer probably doesn't work very well at all, if at all..
  • Laser sight for the left handed control scheme is not aligned correctly

The game includes Hi Res textures, skins and items previously collected by the user Realistic. We could not find the original author of these weapons, nor does the pack include any licensing at all. If you are the author of these textures please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to credit you or remove.

I would like to thank the following teams and individual for making this possible:

  • Emile Belanger - For advice regarding converting the Android build of Yamagi. See his other Android ports here
  • The Yamagi Team - For the excellent engine this based upon.
  • Baggyg - My long-time VR friend whose roles in this have been varied and all helpful, also the creator of excellent websites/artwork/assets for this mod as well as altering models to be more VR friendly
  • The SideQuest team - For making it easy for people to install this

Quake2Quest is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with bethesda or ID Software, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Quake2Quest is an unofficial port of the Yamagi engine